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Ena Gregory Herbert Blache


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Hoot Gibson shows off his riding skills in this Western -- in this case, western Canada, where it was shot. Dan Malloy (Gibson) is a champion Roman rider, and, while traveling through Canada, he falls in love with Marie LeFarge (Virginia Brown Faire). Her father (Clark Comstock), however, refuses to give the couple his blessings. Fred Burgess (Jim Corey), a poacher recently released from prison, murders Marie's father. Neenah, Marie's Native American maid (Ynez Seabury), hides Burgess and Malloy is accused of the crime. He flees and finds work at the Bar-O ranch. The mounted police persist in searching for him, but they are unable to track him down. Malloy is compelled to enter the annual Calgary Stampede when his boss' best rider is hurt. He enters the Roman race and wins (the sight of Gibson standing on two galloping horses is truly impressive). M.P. Callahan (Philo McCullough) finally arrests him, but Neenah, who has been betrayed by Burgess, reveals the identity of the real killer and Malloy is freed. ~ Janiss Garza, All Movie Guide

Silent Film queens Laura La Plante, Marian Nixon and Ena Gregory 'stand in' with Carlyle Stevenson's Bon-Ton Ballroom Orchestra on its visit to Universal Studios, c. 1924/5. The Stevenson band recorded several fine sides on the West Coast for the Hollywood and Sunset labels.

30. The Calgary Stampede (1925) Herbert Blache With

Ena Gregory
Birth: Apr. 16, 1906

Death: Jun. 13, 1993

Actress, Her silent film career was a prolific one, particularly in the western genre, she played eight films in 1928 alone. Also she appeared in some 200 two-reel comedies for producer Hal Roach. In the late 1920s, Ena Gregory changed her name to Marian Douglas in a futile attempt to escape low-budget action melodramas, but she would continue to appear only in routine films, including the low-budget "Aloha"(1931). She left show business after marrying a Hollywood physician in 1937. She later became a real estate dealer in the coastal community of Laguna Beach, California.

Eleven of the thirteen Wampas Stars of 1925.
Left To Right -- Bottom Row: Violet Avon, Olive Borden, Betty Arlen, Duane Thompson, Natalie Joyce.
Middle Row: Dorothy Revier, Ena Gregory, Joan Meredith.
Top Row: Evelyn Pierce, June Marlowe, Lola Todd.
Not Pictured: Ann Cornwall, Madeline Hurlock.

Ena Gregory

Ena Gregory (April 18, 1906 - June 13, 1993) was an Australian motion picture actress from Sydney, Australia.

Movie actress

In Australia Gregory was known as the child wonder of the vaudeville stage. Her first screen experience came at the age of four when she was shown in her mother's arms in a crowd which was welcoming British dignitaries.

She was first signed in Hollywood for ingenue (stock character) roles by Universal Pictures in 1921. She also worked for Hal Roach Studios and First National Pictures. In all she spent five years in comic roles before going into dramatic work. By 1924 she was the leading lady of the Independent Pictures Corporation. She was a Wampas Baby Star of 1925.

Gregory's film career started with comedy shorts like The Bull Thrower (1920), Lion's Jaws and Kitten's Paws (1920), and The Whizbang (1921). After completing The Calgary Stampede (1925) and The Chip of the Flying U (1926), with Hoot Gibson, she was promoted to leading lady for Jack Hoxie, for two movies.

Name change

When Gregory failed to achieve stardom by losing chances due to illness and other causes, she consulted a Hollywood seer named Dareos. He suggested a new name which combined the syllables of Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks. It was Marian Douglas. Her first film using the new name was The Shepherd of the Hills (1928). She took steps to become an American citizen beginning in October 1927.

Gregory continued to make movies as Marion Douglas until 1931. Her final films are Twisted Tales (1931), Three Wise Clucks (1931), Aloha (1931), and Beach Pajamas (1931).

Marriage and divorce

Gregory divorced film director Alfred Rogell in August 1934. Beverly Hills, California attorney, William V.R. Smith, was named a co-respondent in a $150,000 lawsuit brought by Rogell. Gregory was awarded a temporary alimony sum of $300 per month from Rogell. Gregory married Dr. Frank Nolan on November 5, 1937. The couple separated in May 1938 and Gregory obtained a divorce decree in July 1939.

Ena Gregory died in Laguna Beach, California in 1993.

Was a Wampas Baby Star of 1925.

Alternate Names:
Marian Douglas | Marion Douglas


1. Live, Love and Learn (1937) (uncredited) .... Bessie, Bob's Blonde Model
2. Beach Pajamas (1931) (as Marion Douglas)
... aka Traveling Man #2: Beach Pajamas (USA: series title)
3. Aloha (1931) (as Marian Douglas) .... Elaine Marvin
... aka No Greater Love (UK)
4. Three Wise Clucks (1931) (as Marion Douglas)
5. Twisted Tales (1931) (as Marion Douglas)

6. Sioux Blood (1929) (as Marian Douglas) .... Barbara Ingram
7. The Bushranger (1928) (as Marian Douglas) .... Lucy
8. The Power of Silence (1928) (as Marian Douglas) .... Gloria Wright
9. The Upland Rider (1928) (as Marian Douglas) .... Sally Graham
10. The Devil's Trademark (1928) (as Marian Douglas) .... Mona Benton
... aka The Devil's Trade Mark (USA: promotional title)
11. The Wagon Show (1928) (as Marian Douglas) .... Sally Beldan
12. The Shepherd of the Hills (1928) (as Marian Douglas) .... Maggie
13. Thanks for the Memory (1928)
14. The Jazz Singer (1927) (uncredited) .... Bit part
15. The Rose of Kildare (1927) .... Elsie Avery
... aka Forgotten Vows (UK)
16. Romantic Rogue (1927) .... Barbara Warrington
17. Men of Daring (1927) .... Nancy Owen
18. The Western Rover (1927) .... Millie Donlin
19. Down the Stretch (1927) .... Marion Hoyt
20. Grinning Guns (1927) .... Maary Felden
21. Blazing Days (1927) .... Milly Morgan
22. Be My Wife (1927)
23. Rough and Ready (1927) .... Beth Stone
24. One Man Trail (1926)
25. Masked Mamas (1926) (uncredited)
26. Red Hot Leather (1926) .... Ellen Rand
27. Doubling with Danger (1926) .... Madeline Haver
28. The Better Man (1926) .... Nancy Burton
29. Sporting Life (1925) .... Peggy, a Chorus Girl
30. The Calgary Stampede (1925) .... Trixie
31. The Desert Flower (1925) .... Fay Knight
32. Cold Nerve (1925)
33. Riders of the Kitchen Range (1925)
34. Folly of Vanity (1924) .... The Siren (fantasy sequence)
35. Accidental Accidents (1924)
36. Hot Heels (1924)
37. Gee Whiz, Genevieve (1924)
38. Should Landlords Live? (1924)
39. Short Kilts (1924) .... McGregor's daughter
40. Seeing Nellie Home (1924)
41. A Ten Minute Egg (1924)
42. The Golf Bug (1924) .... Sally, a Country Maiden
43. Jeffries Jr. (1924) .... Pearl
44. Wide Open Spaces (1924)
... aka Wild Bill Hiccup (USA)
45. Rupert of Hee Haw (1924) .... The princess
... aka Coleslaw (USA)
... aka Rupert of Cole Slaw
46. Before Taking (1924)
47. Near Dublin (1924) .... The girl
48. Brothers Under the Chin (1924)
49. Pay or Move (1924) .... Betty Benson
50. Wedding Bells (1924) .... The Bride
51. Zeb vs. Paprika (1924)
52. Postage Due (1924) .... Model
53. Smithy (1924) (uncredited) .... Secretary
... aka The Home Wrecker (UK)
54. Prepared to Die (1923) .... Vivienne Van de Vere
55. Mother's Joy (1923) .... Maid
56. Uncensored Movies (1923)
57. The Soilers (1923) .... The girl
58. Frozen Hearts (1923) (uncredited) (unconfirmed) .... Bit Role
59. In the Palace of the King (1923) .... The Queen
60. Paging Love (1923)
61. The Smile Wins (1923)
62. The Law Rustlers (1923) .... Glory Sillman
... aka Beyond the Law (UK)
... aka The Law Hustlers
63. The Devil's Dooryard (1923) .... Mary Jane Haley
64. Sting 'Em Sweet (1923)
65. The Fresh Kid (1922)
66. Defying the Law (1922)
67. Hello, Judge (1922)
68. Short Skirts (1921) .... Stella
69. The Whizbang (1921)
70. Up in Mary's Attic (1920) .... The Vamp
71. Lion's Jaws and Kitten's Paws (1920)
72. The Bull Thrower (1920)

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